Breast Implant Texture – What Is Best, Smooth or Textured Implants?

Breast Implant Developments Silicone breast implants have changed in incremental steps over the last 50 years. Some changes have been good, others less so, and research and developments continue to be made by manufactures. The first silicone-filler breast implants were introduced to the market in the 1960s. These are now termed ‘generation one’. They had…

Accessory Nipples – Do they matter?

Accessory nipples (also known as supernumerary or third nipples) usually appear under the breast near the fold that we call the inframammary crease. Mr Turton finds these in around 0.1 to 1% of his cosmetic breast surgery patients having breast enlargement or breast reduction, usually with the patient having been unaware. They typically look like a small mole and are slightly raised. They are usually found in the midline below the breast. If these bother patients they can be removed. Most of the time they can be left alone. If they are associated with breast tissue they are more likely to be a problem as they can fluctuate in size with the menstrual cycle, be tender, and they can even be affected by breast cancer. If you want to have a breast check up in Mr Turton’s specialist breast and cosmetic clinic at the Leeds Nuffield or Spire Hospital Leeds, please use the enquiry form on his web site:

Breast enlargement- assessing correct implant size – 3D simulation

Philip Turton describes how and why Crisalix 3D simulation is useful for Breast Enlargement planning. What’s the difference between a 250cc and 350cc implant? What about round implants and anatomical? Should I go for over the muscle or under the muscle (sub-pectoral) and how will it look? All of these are important breast augmentation planning issues that a specialist assessment and 3D imaging helps with.