Statistics UK 2004-2005

The 3rd commonest cosmetic surgical procedure requested was breast reduction

Why do some people develop excessive breast tissue (macromastia)?

•  Hormonal and genetic influences are to blame

•  Commonly develops in

•  teenage years

•  after 45


Commonest reasons to request breast reduction surgery:

•  Dislike of appearance

•  For symptoms:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Skin irritation
  • Poor posture

•  Problems with clothes

•  Social issues

Understanding Breast Reduction

What does the operation involve?

•  Surgery takes 2-4 hrs

Where will the scars be?

•  Around the areola

•  Vertically: areola to lower crease

•  Horizontally: in crease under the breast

•  There are 4-main surgical steps:

  • Removal of underlying breast and fatty tissue
  • Removal of the excess skin and reshaping
  • Reduction in size of the areola
  • Moving the nipple and areola to a higher position

An additional option is to add in a Bra Lift

This is a technique used to enhance the internal support

It requires only a short increase in the operative time


Is it Safe?

•  Breast reduction involves specialised techniques and although it takes longer than a breast augmentation is a perfectly safe operation in the hands of a specialist

•  Most patients heal well without complications, but with any surgery, there are some rare minor risks and even rarer more serious ones:

•  Eg. Rare: <5%: minor delays in healing can occur at the “T-Junction”

•  Eg. Very rare: <1 in 1000: the nipple blood supply can be compromised causing tissue loss

•  You will need to have a detailed consultation and assessment with your specialist

•  Please bring along a list of all medication and tablets that you take

•  If you are a smoker it is essential to stop until healed

•  Smoking reduces the blood supply to the healing tissue


Common Questions

What is the cost?

•  Between £5000 and £6000

How long will I be in the hospital?

•  Usually for 1-2 nights after surgery

Is it painful?

•  Most patients use Paracetamol for a few days only

•  It is common to feel tender for a few weeks

How much breast tissue is removed?

•  Usually 500gms to 800gms

•  Massive reductions involve 1-2 Kg/side

What size breasts will I have afterwards?

•  Most patients want to be between a C and D cup and this can usually be achieved

Will the scars fade?

•  Although they look dramatic at 3-weeks after surgery they soon soften and fade

•  There are special techniques that reduce scarring

•  The visibility dramatically reduces over 12-months

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