*Please note that these general example photos are all from Mr Turtons patients and have not been altered in any way. The results are unique to every individual and take each patient’s personal expectations, circumstances, starting points and body morphology into consideration.

Mastopexy Before & After PTMA15

Mastopexy Before & After PTMA6

Mastopexy Before & After PTMA11

Mastopexy Before & After PTMA14

Mastopexy Before & After PTMA5

Mastopexy & Augmentation PTMA 12

This lady required a mastopexy augmentation where an uplift is done at the same time to remove loose skin, correct differences (asymmetry), reshape, and raise her nipple position. She has been augmented with 165cc anatomical implants. The results are at 14 weeks post surgery.

Mastopexy & Augmentation PTMA 11

This lady has had mastopexy augmentation where she had an uplift, correction of nipple position and reshaping of the breast as well as augmentation with smooth full projection implants in a dual plane sub-pectoral pocket. The implants are 345cc. The photos are taken at 8-weeks post-op

Bilateral Benelli mastopexy and Bilateral Breast Augmentation

With Sub-glandular Mentor round 175cc implants
The Crisalix software was used to simulate the outcome as shown here; the post-operative result after mastopexy augmentation (uplift plus implants) shows that the simulation was very accurate.

Mastopexy and Augmentation Before & After

Augmentation with sub-pectoral round smooth surface 415cc full profile Allergan implants and wise pattern dermocutaneous mastopexies. Images at 4 -weeks post op.