Tuberous breasts are a genetic condition where the breasts are constricted at the base of the breast, forming a tubular, elongated appearance. The problem can range from mild to very severe and can be a cause of great distress and embarrassment through puberty and beyond.

There are a number of different techniques that can be employed and Mr Philip Turton will explain them in full at the consultation. These include releasing the constricting tissue at the base of the breast and, if necessary, inserting a breast implant to give volume.

If the problem is very severe, you may need to have an inflatable implant inserted, the size of which will be increased over time to stretch the skin tissue gradually. You may then need further surgery to the breast and/or nipple to achieve the final, optimal result.

For more information on tuberous breast correction, visit the Contact Us page. Mr Philip Turton offers the procedures to deal with tuberous breasts at either Spire Hospital Leeds or the Leeds Nuffield Hospital. Of note is that it can involve a combination of operations performed at different times which involves a significantly greater cost than simple augmentation, when dealing with anything other than the most early type of tuberous breast changes.

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