Organising Your Initial Consultation

***New*** With all Specialist Consultations for first time implants and augmentation Philip Turton will now use the new 3D scanner  that captures images for the Crisalix 3D modelling platform to create a ‘before and after’ simulation.

The Specialist Consultation (for all new patients- cost £150): This is a detailed consultation and assessment with Mr Turton with extra time set aside for a follow up visit within 6-weeks included in the price, if required. For breast enlargement this consultation now includes the biodimensional assessment & Crisalix 3D imaging. This is the consultation type that we recommend to all patients wanting to have any type of cosmetic discussion.
✔ Medical history assessment
✔ Physical assessment
✔ One to one discussion with Mr Turton
✔ Opportunity to ask questions
✔ Discussion of treatment options
✔ Viewing of Before and After Pictures
✔ Treatment Plan


Specialist Consultation - Booking Form

Specialist Consultation - Booking Form

(e.g. size, shape, droop,asymmetry, loose skin and the effects this has on you)
(Please outline a full account of your past medical history and any ongoing conditions that you are on treatment for)
(Please provide full details of every previous surgery and all general anaesthetics)
(Please detail the allergy and the reaction you get)
(Please detail who was affected, whether on your mother’s or father’s side of the family and the approximate age of onset of the cancer)
(Including if this was during pregnancy)
(Including if this was a maternity bra)


All Private Enquiries are handled in confidence by Mr Turton’s PA: Victoria Short:

You have a choice to see Mr Turton at either the Leeds Nuffield Hospital or the Spire Hospital Leeds

Please note that after an out-patient consultation and any surgery, in line with medical recommendations and the vast majority of patient’s own preferences, a letter is sent to your GP as a record. Please email Victoria Short with explicit instructions if this is something you wish not to occur, and also make it clear at the consultation with written instructions for Mr Turton’s medical file.

Please fill out the form below to ensure that we can deal with your consultation in the most effective and efficient manner possible.