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Natrelle’s TM style 410 anatomical implants comprise a wide range of high quality products that provide individual solutions, low complication rates, leading to patient satisfaction.

Allergan is a trusted leader in safety and aesthetic innovations. It is the number 1 aesthetics company. Has 60 years of experience being a multi-speciality healthcare company, and 40 years as a global leader in breast aesthetics.

The Natrelle collection has a reputation built on quality – from manufacturing to performance to safety. They are used in 79 countries worldwide. They have extensive clinical data supporting the safety of their products making Natrelle TM one of the most studied range of implants.

Natrelle Inspira Smooth

Overall there are 900 implant options! This is one of the broadest range of breast implants, resterilizable sizers and tissue expanders to suit all our patient needs.They are FDA approved anatomical implants. There are 400 implant options in the round product range, and 205 in the style 410 anatomical range.

The Inspira range of round implants are designed to meet the needs of patients desiring a rounder look and fuller upper pole. Optimal gel filling is designed to reduce rippling.

Each implant takes 12 days to manufacture, and undergoes a total of 93 quality control tests meeting all national and international quality control standards.

Fatigue testing- for durability and strength the implants are compressed to 80% of their size, 2 million times (this is 3 times a second, 24-hours a day for over a week).

Rupture resistance- implants are compressed under an extreme force of 250Kg which is ten times the recommended maximum force of a routine mammogram.

Long term durability- extensive EU and US studies demonstrate that Allergan’s Natrelle silicone filed breast implants have low long-term rupture rates. 1.7% rate at 8-years median implantation time (n = 163) Heden P et al, (2009) Long term safety and effectiveness of style 410 highly cohesive silicone breast implants. Aseth Plast Surg. 33, 430-436.

Long-term patient satisfaction across all aspects of breast surgery at 10 years with  96.2% of augmentation patients and 87.5% of revision augmentation patients being satisfied stating that breast implantation had been advantageous. Up to 11-years after surgery most patients reported improved self-esteem, body perception, feeling of wearing clothes, personal charisma and attraction ability (Maxwell G P et al, (2015) Ten-year results from the Natrelle 410 Anatomical Form-stable silicone breast implant core study. Aesth Surg J. 35(2): 145-155

Unique shell design-

High performance silicone elastomer layers for enhanced shell integrity. 360 degree IntrashielTM minimises silicone gel diffusion.


Textured implants have a unique BiocellTM texture to promote tissue adherence, and to reduce the risk of capsular contraction. This texturing is important for implants placed in a subglandular pocket.

The FDA Core study results at 6 and 10-years for primary augmentation showed the following:

5-10.2% rupture rate

0.7-.09% rippling rates

2.3-4.7% malposition rate

4.6-9.2% Baker 3 or 4 capsular contraction rate

1.4-0.4% seroma rate


Subgladular Implant Placement

Submuscular Implant placement

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