The Leeds Nuffield Hospital is the largest private hospital in Yorkshire and the north-east of England. This is a beautiful, modern hospital that was built in 2002, immediately adjacent to the Great George Street side of Leeds General Infirmary. This impressive hospital with state-of-the-art facilities specialises in complex surgery. The suite of operating theatres are very modern and received the very latest technical updates including lighting and audio-visual equipment in September 2017. It is one of the most technologically advanced private hospitals in Europe and is Care Quality Commission rated as OUTSTANDING – one of only 6 private hospitals in the UK to achieve such a high rating in 2017. To book a consultation in Mr Turton’s Specialist Cosmetic Breast Surgery clinic at the Leeds Nuffield Hospital get in touch today. (see more on Mr Turton’s Nuffield profile)

For more information please contact Mr Turton’s secretary by email or phone to make an enquiry about any aspect of care, pricing, implants:

Direct Line: 0113 3882008

As Mr Turton’s Specialty is Breast Surgery, he focuses solely on Cosmetic Breast Surgery. Almost 800,000 people in the Yorkshire and Humber consider having cosmetic surgery. Nationally arond 6.8 million consider some form of cosmetic treatment. Please remember that Cosmetic surgery is not something to be entered into lightly. “Shows like Ten Years Younger and Extreme Makeover have undoubtedly stimulated interest in cosmetic procedures but they do sometimes give an unrealistic impression of the process, so it’s important that anyone considering a procedure understands the whole picture. Mr Turton provides a full and very comprehensive cosmetic breast surgery service at this hospital. He also runs a breast diagnostic and treatment service, including triple assessment for potential breast cancer. He works alongside a dedicated breast care nurse, and with a full breast oncology multidisciplinary team.

To book a consultation in Mr Turton’s Specialist Cosmetic Breast Surgery clinic at the Leeds Nuffield Hospital click on this link.




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Mr Turton provides a professional, super-specialised aesthetic breast surgery and oncoplastic service. These are the commonest operations that he performs:
Breast Augmentation (Breast Enlargement); Breast Reduction; Breast Mastopexy (Breast Uplift); Breast Implant Revision; Redo Breast Augmentation
Breast Reconstruction; Nipple areola reconstruction; Correction of nipple inversion; Scar revision
Male breast reduction; Male gynaecomastia excision
Breast cancer surgery: Breast conserving surgery; Simple mastectomy, radical and modified radical mastectomy, and risk reducing mastectomy
Sentinel Node biopsy: fully accredited and audited dual tracer technique; axillary node clearance
Skin sparing mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with tissue flaps or implant based techniques
Wise pattern mastectomy and immediate reconstruction to a smaller breast size, with surgery to the opposite breast when required
Implant and ADM (acellular dermal matrix) reconstruction; Diagnostic breast surgery; Breast Screening