Breast Reduction Surgery

What is a Breast Reduction? This is a surgical technique that uses a cosmetic type of incision to both reduce the breast size and to reshape the breast externally and internally. When I do this surgery I always perform an uplift as well to restore the nipple position to an optimum level on the new…

What Size Breast Implants Should I Get For My Boob Job?

I see many patients posting this sort or question on various social media platforms. It should really be a professional discussion between the Specialist and the person wanting a breast enlargement, based on very careful analysis. There are so many detrimental effects on the breast when it is left to patients to decide for themselves or those that simply get patients to try a bra on in the clinic room and to put implants in and leave it at that. So what is a biodimensional assessment for choosing the correct size of breast implant?

Double Bubble Deformity after Breast Augmentation

The lower part of the breast can in rare situations have a double bubble appearance immediately after breast implants are placed, usually where the tissue is excessively tight and the patient’s natural infra-mammary crease was too high. The appearance can be a challenge to deal with and this article discusses a non-surgical method that was published, involving the use of a shoelace support.

Breast Implant Texture – What Is Best, Smooth or Textured Implants?

Breast Implant Developments Silicone breast implants have changed in incremental steps over the last 50 years. Some changes have been good, others less so, and research and developments continue to be made by manufactures. The first silicone-filler breast implants were introduced to the market in the 1960s. These are now termed ‘generation one’. They had…