CE Mark Lost For New Allergan Textured Implants

The CE mark for Allergan textured implants has not been renewed by the regulator on the 16th December and Allergan have been forced to withdraw all of their textured implants as a result. Although this does not affect existing patients who have these implants, it is a great shock to patients and surgeons who have used this market leading implant for decades. This article explains the current situation and provides information to patients.

Breast Implant Texture – What Is Best, Smooth or Textured Implants?

Breast Implant Developments Silicone breast implants have changed in incremental steps over the last 50 years. Some changes have been good, others less so, and research and developments continue to be made by manufactures. The first silicone-filler breast implants were introduced to the market in the 1960s. These are now termed ‘generation one’. They had…