Breast Enlargement – 3D Breast Imaging

Most patients have an idea in their mind as to how they want their breasts to look. There are multiple ways to try to communicate this, and having enough time at a consultation is essential. It should not be rushed and a free second consultation should be provided if needed. Many women bring photos and use my web site before and after gallery to illustrate likes and dislikes. Then comes the all important assessment. If this is not done in a detailed fashion you will not always get the result you should.

Detailed Assessment for Breast Enlargement Surgery

This should always start with a breast examination. As a specialist breast surgeon I examine hundreds if not thousands of breasts per year as part of my NHS and private breast clinics. My initial examination of a cosmetic breast surgery patient is to detect potential problems or pre-existing lumps. The breast gland, nipple, areola and axilla should be examined. After this, the tissue characteristics are assessed. Tissue thickness including assessment of the skin quality, distribution of fat and glandular tissue are noted. I then look at tissue stretch and record the distensibility of the skin envelope. The nipple position on the breast requires very careful measurement in relation to the rest of the breast and key markers such as the skin crease under the breast. It must be evaluated in relation to the opposite side and in relation to the proportions of the breast, thorax and patient’s entire torso. Finally the actual dimensions of the breast and thoracic wall are recorded.

3D Surface Imaging of the Breast – Crisalix 3D

After this I carry out 3D breast imaging. Using a laser scanner, 3D surface imaging is performed and the data is analysed.  A 3D image is produced that can be viewed on screen, rotated and viewed form multiple angles. Using the dimensions recorded I will select an optimal breast implant for my patient. 3D Crisalix imaging software allows a simulation to be developed very rapidly to show this or any other implant size and type to see the potential results of breast enlargement. A patient might prefer a bigger implant than is optimal and this can be shown on screen (however, you will be given more caution about undesired consequences – these increase with bigger volumes). These implant measurements can include any manufacturer such as Allergan, BLite, Mentor, Sebbin, Nagor and many others. I can show you simulations based on smooth or textured, round or anatomical. You can look at the different profiles such as moderate, moderate plus, high or extra high. Even the difference between over and under the muscle can be portrayed.

Mr Turton’s Recommendation on Breast Implant Size

This is then combined with my recommendation and balanced with what is achievable to give you the best results. The simulation can then be shared with you so you can view it at home on your own computer screen. This gives you time to consider what has been discussed before making any commitment. I find this is the best way to give my patients the best results.